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DR JOHN ROSEMOND Dr. John Rosemond is known to be an expert in parenting because his advice and consultations to parents regarding children most especially in the field of potty training is very effective and useful. He is already an experienced professional for 35 years and a parent, too that is why he is knowledgeable about parenting. There are tips that he wants to reach out to parents out there. The following are effective from the best Rosemond potty training tips so you, parents should read carefully:

· Start earlier than later. Do not wait for the child to grow up before you start training him to use the potty. There are children who can be trained as early as 20 month old than 3 year old. Usually, those who come of age are prone to major resistance and that is why it is hard to train them. Those that are younger are more or less cooperative with you. So, choose now.

· Readiness. Age is not the only factor in identifying whether your child is ready to potty. Basically, what happens is that you rely too much on age. You can tell that your child is ready when he has that willing and ready look. In his own time, he will be able to appreciate the importance of potty and will definitely be motivated to use it. However, do not wait until he reaches age 3. Start your observation now.

· Day by day training. Take your child to the bathroom everyday and introduce him to the potty. Let him use it. Make him use the flush on his own and encourage him to do it everytime he needs to go. This will enhance his knowledge about potty without fear or awkwardness.

· Rewards and compliments. Do not give out rewards or compliments just yet. Be cool and just give recognition to his successful use of potty. You can say “That’s good, you can come out now.” These simple words of encouragement can motivate him along the way.

· Be patient. If your child will use any manner of resistance, just be calm and let him be. Do not force the child because this will never help him in any way.

According to a study in Harvard University, there are already 90% of children who are potty trained. Why not start yours? If those parents can do it then why can’t you? Using the potty will help your child’s bowel movements and of course boost his growth and development. He will be confident enough to face the world because he is already trained. By following these tips, you will have a child who will wittingly become a responsible potty goer every now and then. You will no longer worry about the expenses for diapers or about convincing your child. Everything will eventually turn out right and you will witness your child’s next level of understanding and learning and train him your next level of teaching.


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