How to Make Potty Training Reward Chart

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During the periods of potty training your child, you may lose track to where you left off and to what you have accomplished that day. It is best that you keep a chart of all your activities to be able to check the flow of your training.

One important thing to make during the process is the potty training reward chart. Make one that shows a list of progress of your child and with it should follow the list of reward you have given to him. If you have this chart, you will surely be on the right track and most likely you will be able to finish the training as soon as possible.

So how are you going to make a reward chart?

First you should have any large or regular paper or notebook to serve as your journal once you start the process. Get a pen and start writing the date, time, activity, reward and the struggle you have went through and the solution for it. Make it as if it is a diary but in a column or row style. Keep it as a record. Always write on it every after the training.

The reason for putting the date is to make sure that you have done something for that day and no other days were left blank. This shows your consistency and drive in training your child.

The purpose of the time is to determine the exact period when he is going to urinate and poop. Although it is very unpredictable at least you will have an idea of the instances when he feels like going to the potty. You will also know what mood he has for that specific time.

The activity part is very important. Write there what you did and how you did it so that you will know what to do next. This will guide you on what to do next.

The struggle you encountered with your child should also be written down so that you will have an idea what to do next to prevent it. One perfect example of a struggle is resistance. The solution for this is to minimize physical contact to avoid hurting each other. Those kinds of things will help both of you. Although it is important to hold your child, let him go is he does not want to be held.

Finally, write down the reward you have given to your child and its effects. Rewards do not necessarily follow that it is in a form of material things. Rewards can be in a form of compliments, sweets and his favorites. If this gives him a motivation then good but if he did not cooperate, this means that you have to change you means of reward.

See how the chart will help you during the potty training? If you will make one surely you will be able to avoid prolonged difficulties. So make one now and see the difference.


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